How to Remove Background in CapCut Updated 2024

Do you want to know how to add or remove the background of the video and photo by using CapCut and want to add your desired background to any video or photo? Then you are at the right place, we will tell you two methods to add and remove the background by using the CapCut App on Android and iOS devices free of cost, so read the below article carefully and don’t miss any step.

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Method 1: Use Green Screen to Add or Remove Background in CapCut?

The green screen method is a popular way to remove backgrounds in CapCut. First, you need to add a green screen background for video editing. We explained the detailed steps in the below article, which will help you to remove the background easily in CapCut using a green screen, so follow the below steps.

  1. First, we need to record a video with a green background.
  2. Make sure the light is arranged so that your shadow doesn’t show up on the green background.
  3. After recording the video, open CapCut Mod Apk and add the desired images that you want to add in the background.
  4. After choosing the picture, click on the edit button and choose the “cutout” tool.
  5. Now select “chroma-key” from the toolbar to add the green color.
  6. Select the green color and adjust the level to which you want to apply.
  7. Adjust the shadow of the main object to make the background amazing.
  8. After this, click on the “export” button and choose the quality including 360, 480, 720, 1080, 2k, and 4k to save the video in the device gallery.

Method 2: How to Remove Background Without Green Screen?

Open CapCut: After installation, open the application on Android and iOS devices.

Add Project: Click on the “add a new project” button and give access to the devices gallery.

Add Background: We can easily add any video or image as a background which one we like to add.

Add Second Layer: After adding the background video or image add a layer by clicking on the layer tool.

Add Video to remove background: In the second layer add the original video where you want to remove the background. Go to your phone’s library, and choose the video you want to edit the background for in CapCut, whether it has a green screen or not. CapCut allows you to remove or replace the background for both types of videos.

Add Multiple Backgrounds: Add multiple layers which will help to add multiple backgrounds in just a single video clip to make it professional.

Choose the Background: Now you have added both the background and the video. Look for Cutout in the CapCut toolbar and click on it. After this choose the “remove background” option to remove the old background and now your added new background will be displayed to your video.

Adjust Shadow: Click on the shadow button and adjust it accurately.

Add Song: This is an optional feature if we want to add a song then we can use otherwise ignore it.

Export Video: Now the video is ready to save in the gallery with a new background and save it into 480, 720, 1080, 2k, and more to share it with your friends and siblings on social media platforms.


Do I have to pay to remove the background?

Download the mod version of this application from our website and use it for free to remove the background.

Is the green screen necessary to remove the background in CapCut?

Using a green screen is not necessary, but it simplifies the process of removing a video’s background.

Can we remove the background of photos in CapCut?

Yes, you can easily remove the background of your desired video. Moreover, you can also add any color or background.

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