How To Fix CapCut Not Exporting? Updated 2024

Sometimes users face some issues while using the CapCut and they can not save their videos after completing the editing process. In this post, we will explore common reasons for export issues in CapCut and offer practical solutions to ensure a smooth video exporting process. So read the below section carefully. It will help you to fix problems.

What is CapCut and Its Exporting Process?

CapCut is a highly-ranked video editing application that provides impressive features for free. It has many video editing tools like split, slow and fast motion, styles, rotate and crop, auto frame, filters, and more. These tools help photographers to edit and create new videos to the next level. Moreover, it also provides endless stunning and eye-catching video templates that will help users to make videos in seconds.

When we complete the editing process after applying various remarkable tools, the next step is exporting the video to the device gallery or direct share on social media platforms. But sometimes, CapCut has problems when we are trying to export our video. Today we solve these types of problems so read the below.  

Common Errors of CapCut Exporting

Low Storage: CapCut App requires free storage that allows users to save videos to a device gallery. If the device space runs out it may hinder the exporting process in the gallery.

Unsupported Formats:

It supports a wide range of video formats like 360, 720, 1080, 2k, and 4k. However, exporting might fail if we attempt to export a video in a format or codec that CapCut doesn’t support.

Software Compatibility:

CapCut needs the reliable device’s operating system and hardware to work properly. Sometimes, these problems with CapCut and your device’s software or hardware work together can stop the videos from exporting. 

Bugs and Errors:

Sometimes, glitches or errors in the software can impact how it works. If you’re having trouble exporting, it might be because of a bug or issue within CapCut.   

Solution 1: Free Up Storage Space on Device

  • First, delete all unnecessary files including photos and videos from the device, and free up some space.
  • Transfer large-size files to cloud storage or any other external storage.
  • Clear the app cache.

Solution 2: Check Video Format Compatibility

  • Open CapCut and go to the project with the video you want to export.
  • Click the export button and review the export settings. 
  • Ensure you’ve chosen a format and codec that CapCut supports for your video export.

Solution 3: Update CapCut App

Sometimes, CapCut gives errors because we are using the old version, to use more features and take advantage we need to update this application on time.

  • Go to the third-party website, Google Play Store, or Apple Store.
  • Search for the Copcut update and install it if available. 
  • Similarly, look for any updates for your device’s operating system and install them if they are available.


We hope our provided information about exporting videos from CapCut is helpful for you and after applying our guidance you will not face any issues. Always use updated versions, because the developer adds more useful features which help to take videos to the next level.

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