How to Blur Background in CapCut A Step-by-step Guide

Background blur in videos adds an excellent touch by directing focus to the main subject, reducing distractions, and enhancing visual appeal. Moreover, after blurring the background we can add text, stickers, emojis, and more to make the background beautiful. 

Adding blur to the background or any other part of the video is a brilliant addition to this application by the developer. By using the CapCut we can easily add blur to the background of our videos to take the video to the next level, furthermore, CapCut helps to take video to the next level with editing tools. So, follow the below instructions to add the blur in the background of the videos. Latest Trends in CapCut Templates 2023

How to Add Blur in the Background of Videos in CapCut?

Download CapCut Apk

First of all, download the CapCut from the Google Play Store or any trusted third-party website such as our website. After downloading the app with this website allow unknown sources and install the application.

Give Permissions

After installation, open the app and allow some required permissions like access to the gallery, location, etc. Allow all these permissions to take advantage of this editing application to make the videos professional by adding blur in the background.

Start New Project

Click on the “start a new project” button, choose the video clips from the device gallery, and then click on the “add” button where you want to add blur. We can also merge and add blur in two or more video clips easily.

Add Blur

  1. Choose the “effect” option from the toolbar.
  2. Now choose the “video effect” option.
  3. Select the “basic effect” tab.
  4. A huge list of video effects will be displayed.
  5. In the list find the “background blur effect” or directly search it.
  6. After this select the blur effect and click on the “tick” button to apply.
  7. It applies to your entire video clip.
  8. To adjust the placement of the blur effect click on the effect and use a slider to set it.

Add Overlay

  1. To keep focusing the main object in video after adding the blur effect add a layer by clicking on the “overlay” button.
  2. Now click on the layer and choose the same video from the device gallery.

Remove the Background

  1. After adding the overlay, find the “cutout” button.
  2. After choosing the cutout button click on the “remove background” option.
  3. AI-powered tools will take a few seconds to process and perfectly remove the background.
  4. You have the option to zoom in on the video, to enlarge the main subject.

Export Video

After completing the above-mentioned steps for your video, saving it to your device is simple. Click the export button, select formats like 360, 480, 720, 1080, 2k, or 4k, and the video will be saved. Now, you can share your blurred background video easily on social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and to engage your audience.


Can I add blur to a specific part of the video?

Yes, you can add a blur effect to a specific part of your video after splitting the part of your video by using the split tool.

Can I merge clips with different effects and blur the background?

Yes, you can add blur to different video clips after merging. CapCut allows you to add multiple clips into one video.

Can I use the blur effect to hide objects in my video?

Yes, you can use the blur effect to hide unwanted objects to give a professional touch.

Can we remove the background?

CapCut allows their users to remove the background of their photos and add a new colored background.

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