How to Add Subtitles in CapCut? Guide 2024

Do you want to add subtitles to your videos by using the CapCut App? If yes, read this article and we will tell you about adding subtitles to your videos easily. CapCut provides lots of beneficial features that help to take the videos to the next level in seconds. Adding subtitles is one of them and a remarkable feature that is so impressive. 

The users of CapCut Apk can easily explain their videos through subtitles in various languages like English, Urdu, Hindi, and other languages. Moreover, anything can be added through text and subtitles to engage users on various social media platforms. Read the below, we will guide you on how to add subtitles to your desired videos easily.

How to Add Subtitles?

Download and Install CapCut

First of all, download the CapCut Apk from any trusted third-party website just like this because in our provided version everything is unlocked without ads free of cost or from the Google Play Store. After completing the downloading click on the app and choose the install button.

Allow Permissions

After installation, open the application and allow some required permission like storage, location, and more. These permissions are necessary then it will work properly and don’t hesitate while allowing your data to be secure.

Import Videos and Photos

Open CapCut on Android and iOS devices click on the “new project” option. Import video clips or photos from the device storage or capture new photos and videos by using the built in camera of this application. After choosing the videos and photos click on the “add” button to proceed.

Create a New Text Layer

Click on the layer option and create a new text layer to add your desired subtitle. Tap the “Layers” icon located at the bottom of the screen, then choose “Text.” This action will open a text editor, allowing you to input your subtitle text.

Customize Subtitle

CapCut provides many options to customize text and subtitle including font size, style, animation style, 3D, color, and more. Adjust them one by one and choose the suitable color of subtitle for your video so that anyone can read it easily. Explore various styles until you discover the ideal appearance for your subtitles. also check

Position and Timing

After adding subtitle text and giving it a unique look, it’s now time to position it on the video screen and set the appearance timing. CapCut enables users to drag and resize the text, allowing them to place it anywhere on the video screen. Additionally, you have the option to adjust the duration of each subtitle, ensuring it appears and disappears at the specific moments in the video.

Add Multiple Layers

If you want to add multiple subtitles to videos you need to add multiple layers. After adding the layer add text and apply the above steps including setting the color, font size, animation and 3D styles, and more from the text customization. This application allows users to add multiple layers as they want to make their videos professional.

Preview the Video

The users can preview their video after adding the subtitle by adjusting the font size, animation, and 3D styles, and making some more necessary adjustments. Play the video and ensure that the subtitles are properly applied to the video. If you want to make some more changes go back and improve the mistakes.

Export Video 

Once satisfied after completing the editing process it’s time to save video on device storage. Click on the “export” button located in the right top corner and choose the video format including 360, 480, 720, 1080, 2k, and 4k as you wish, and don’t lock the screen before saving. Moreover, users can also share their edited videos on TikTok or any other social media platform.


In this article, we tell you a  full guide on how to add subtitles by using CapCut. Anyone can easily add subtitles with various font sizes and styles to take their videos to the next level by following our guidelines. The users can engage a wide audience worldwide by making their videos to CapCut with subtitles.

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