How to add flash on CapCut? – Make White Flash Template 2024

In CapCut, “flash” is a quick burst of light or an abrupt change in the visual appearance of a video clip. This can be used for various creative effects, transitions, or enhancements in video editing. The white flash effect on CapCut gives a bright shade to videos and applies a smooth transition. Adding white flash on CapCut makes your video attractive and eye-catching. The users can easily make a video with flash effects after applying the below steps. Also Check Latest Trends in CapCut Templates 2023

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How to add flash on CapCut?

Install CapCut

First of all, download the CapCut from the Google Play Store or any trusted third-party website like this, after this allow unknown sources and install the application. It is also easily available on the Apple Store.

Allow Permissions

After installing the app on Android and iOS devices, open it and it requires some permissions like access to gallery, location, etc. Allow all these permissions to take advantage of this editing application to make the videos professional by adding slow motion.

Start New Project

Click on the “start a new project” button, choose the two video clips from the device gallery and then click on the “add” button where you want to add a flash effect. 

Add Flash

  1. Touch the transition between two videos, you’ll find a variety of transition tools.
  2. Search for the “white flash” transition by clicking on the “overlay” button.
  3. A smooth white flash transition will be added between our videos.
  4. We can also change the duration of the transition to adjust the smoothness of it.
  5. We can edit any of our videos to adjust the flash effect.
  6. Re-watch the video before importing it to confirm the final flash transition of your video.

Export Video

After adding flash effects to our video now we can save this in our device storage by clicking on the export button and choosing the formats and the video will be saved in just a few seconds.

How to Make White Flash Template in CapCut? 

The white flash template in CapCut is great for adding a bright and shiny touch to your videos. If users are working on a dark-toned video and want to give it a more appealing look, CapCut makes it easy to achieve. Follow the below steps, this guide will show you a simple method to create a white flash template.

  1. First download a plain white picture from Google or create a new picture from any application and save it.
  2. After this, open CapCut App on Android and iOS devices if you already download and install otherwise install it from Google Play Store or any trusted third-party website.
  3. Now, click on the “start a new project” button and add a video that you want and it will be shown on the timeline.
  4. Click on the “overlay” option from the toolbar and add a layer.
  5. Now, add the white plain picture from the device storage.
  6. The picture is shown on the video after adding. 
  7. Maximize the photo as longer and cover the entire video screen.
  8. Search the “splice” button and click on it.
  9. Now adjust the white flash effect on the video. 
  10. When we put a white overlay photo in our video, it makes that part look bright. If we want the bright effect to cover the whole video, just drag the handlebar to make it longer.
  11. To download, click on the “export” button which is located in the upper corner, and choose the quality including 360, 480, 720, 1080, 2k, and 4k to save the video in the device gallery.


Where is Flash in CapCut?

  1. Touch the transition between two videos, you’ll find a variety of transition tools.
  2. Search for the “white flash” transition by clicking on the “overlay” button.

How do you add an image to a flash animation?

Start Flash click on the “add” button choose the photo that you want to import and then click on the add button the picture will be added to flash animation.

Can we add Flash in CapCut without an internet connection?

No, you do not add Flash while using this application without an internet connection. To use this app you need an internet connection.

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