Professional CapCut Editing Tips and Tricks in 2024

Brief Introduction of CapCut App

CapCut is a professional video editing and making application that provides a wide range of premium editing tools free of cost which help to take the videos to the next level. Content creators, vloggers, and social media enthusiasts can easily make and edit their videos to give a unique and professional touch to engage the users on their social media platforms.

Today, we will tell you tips and tricks to make and edit professional videos and take them to the next level in seconds, so follow the below steps and enjoy this app. Check also Latest Trends in CapCut Templates 2023

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Why is CapCut the Best Editing App?

No doubt CapCut is one of the best video editing applications on the internet because it has a user-friendly interface and everyone can easily make their videos by using its outstanding editing tools and professional video templates free of cost without facing advertisements. Moreover, it provides everything free of cost by using our provided mod version of this app on your Android devices.

Who Can Use CapCut?

CapCut is a free video editing application and it has a user-friendly interface even beginners can also use this application without having any experience. Moreover, it is the most useful application for video editors including social media influencers, vloggers, and amateur filmmakers. It is easily available for Android and iOS devices.

Advanced CapCut Editing Tips and Tricks

Remove Watermark

How to remove the watermark from the CapCut video is a similar question that is asked by many people on the internet. We tell you how you can remove the watermark on your edited videos, first, you need to upgrade your CapCut app by purchasing the subscription, after this watermark will not show on your videos.

Second, CapCut provides a cloning tool designed for duplicating and concealing watermarks by replacing them with corresponding segments of the video. Choose the video, choose the “Cloning” tool, and skillfully replicate the neighboring area to seamlessly mask the watermark.

Third, download the CapCut Mod Apk from our website because our provided mod version does not contain a watermark on edited videos. Users can remove watermarks free of cost by using the mod version after downloading from this website.

Cutting and Trimming Clips

Cutting and Trimming is another outstanding feature of this application which helps us to remove any unwanted scene from the video clip in just a single tap after choosing the area. Just pick the clip on the timeline, adjust the handles to the length you want, and click “trim.”

Overlay Videos

  1. Open CapCut App and click on the “new project” option.
  2. Choose the video clips you want to overlay onto the timeline.
  3. Place the video you wish to overlay on the timeline above the video onto which you want to overlay it.
  4. Click on the “layer” icon and choose the video you want to overlay.
  5. Change the size and position of the overlaid video the way you want by dragging its corners or edges.
  6. Make the overlayed video see-through by sliding the transparency slider. 
  7. Tap the “Tick” button after applying all these steps.

Add Transitions

Transition makes the switches between clips super smooth. CapCut has lots of cool transition effects like fades and wipes. To use one, just drag and drop it between two clips on the timeline.


  1. Choose the video that you want to add to the overlay by clicking on the “layer” option.
  2. After this, choose the “keyframe” option.
  3. Put the playhead where you want the animation to begin.
  4. Change the size and position of the overlaid video the way you want by dragging its corners or edges.
  5. Now, click on the “keyframe” option again to add another keyframe.
  6. Drag the video where you want to add animation at the end of the video.
  7. Tap the “Tick” button after applying all these steps.

Zoom-In Effects

  1. Add your video to CapCut and drop it on the timeline. 
  2. Click on the video clip to choose it.
  3. Click on the “scale” icon at the bottom of the screen
  4. Pinch the screen to zoom in on the video. 
  5. We can also adjust the size using the slider at the bottom.
  6. Click on the “keyframe” option and animate the zoom-in. Click on the “keyframe” icon at the bottom, and at the start of the clip, set the scale to 100%. Then, at the end of the clip, add another keyframe with a higher scale, like 200%.
  7. CapCut will make the video smoothly zoom in between these two keyframes.

Auto Captions

  1. Open CapCut App and click on the “new project” option.
  2. Choose the video clips and click on the “add” button.
  3. Click on the “text” button.
  4. Click on “Auto-subtitle” to let CapCut create captions for your video automatically. CapCut listens to the words in your video and turns them into written text using special technology.
  5. Review the captions to ensure they’re right, and fix any mistakes. 
  6. We can also change the font, size, and color of the captions so that anyone can read them easily.

Add Music and Sound Effects

CapCut Apk also allows its users to add songs or voice recordings to their videos. Users can easily incorporate audio and video songs as well as voice recordings from their device’s gallery to enhance their videos and make them stunning.

Adjusting Video Speed

Fast and slow motion are highly demanded features of this video editing and enhancement application in today’s digital era. Everyone wishes to incorporate these effects to make their videos more attractive and captivating, and they want to engage their followers on various social media platforms.

Add Emojis and Stickers

Furthermore, this application provides a vast library of stunning emojis and stickers. The users of this application can easily add their favorite emojis and stickers to their video and photo slideshow at a specific point where they want. This feature helps to make the videos attractive so, choose the suitable emojis and stickers.

Text to Speech

CapCut allows users to turn written words into speech for their videos. Just use the text tool, type the text, and put it on the timeline. This is great for adding voice overs or captions to make their videos more interesting.


In conclusion, editing with CapCut is easy with these handy tips. Change sizes, add transitions, and turn text into speech to make your videos better. Check captions, trim clips, and try different effects for a smooth and exciting editing adventure and we hope our provided guidance is useful for your editing skills.

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